Sunday, June 22, 2008

You have to check this out!

Pretty much from the beginning of even discussing the whole bathroom remodel I've had my heart set on painting the bathroom purple. Sounds easy right? Go to Lowe's or Home Depot, find a shade of purple and paint. Not so. As I've explained to anyone that says, "Purple? Really? That doesn't sound like it'll match in your house." I'm looking for a kind of muted purple with maybe some brown or red undertones. It is at this point that I usually get a look that seems to scream "watch out crazy pregnant lady!". Well in my head I know what this exact shade looks like and it is amazing!

Last weekend while having breakfast at my parents' I was lazily flipping through the April edition of Better Homes and Gardens and I found it! My purple was staring me in the face. There was actually someone out there that had envisioned the same color! It was called French Casino and it listed as the place to find it. Good news was when I went online to find out where to purchase this paint I learned about a really great company that I'd like to do business with. The bad news was I couldn't find the color anywhere on the site. Good news again was there were other shades of purple even better than the first. The worst news of all though was that there is no place in New Jersey to actually buy this paint :<

Well after doing a little research I've discovered I can actually purchase the paint online and since I only need one gallon the shipping charge isn't too bad. I'm torn between Devine Tempest and Devine Twilight from the Silver Skies Color Collection.

Now onto why I'm psyched about buying paint from Devine Color even though it is not exactly convenient. First of all I never knew that paint was 100% animal tested. Not so for this paint. The company states that it is rated 50% animal tested. The reason why it can't be completely animal tested free is because although the finished products have never been tested on animals the initial ingredients that make up the paint can't be guaranteed that they haven't been. As I've stated before I'm in no way, shape or form a vegan but this paint is! So for all you vegs out there this may be an added bonus to checking out the paints.
The founder of the company seems very cool too. This just makes me want to buy from this company more than to just hand my cash over to yet another big business. Gretchen Schauffler had me when she stated that she "wears Uggs as winter flip flops" 'cause that pretty much describes my whole family since before Uggs were worn by Brittany or Christina or whoever made them the huge item that they are now! She also happens to be the original inventor of the "mini-paint pouch". You know those cool little samples that you can use to test a color before buying a whole gallon? Yep, Devine color did that first and they filled the first 42,000 pouches in Gretchen's home! How great is that?
Oh and did I mention that the colors are AWESOME? There is a limited paint selection to choose from arranged into categories based on items such as jellybeans, ocean colors and vineyards just to name a few. Each click of the mouse brings you to more beautiful nature based colors. I can't guarantee how the paint goes on yet because but the company states that it goes on "rich like yogurt" and there are many customer praises on the site backing this statement. I just wish I had more rooms to paint (and that I new about them before painting Stella's room 'cause I don't exactly love the color I chose).
So if you are planning a painting project soon this may be the place for you to get some "Devine" inspiration (I know corny but I had to do it). Hopefully you have better luck than me and are actually able to purchase the paint in a local store!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you finally found the color!! We just finished a bunch of painting in our basement...oh, ans I think I like the Twilight one better...good luck picking though cuz they're both nice colors!!

Danielle said...

Vegan paint! Pete said WAAAAH when I told him a lot of paint was tested on animals. I can't see the cxolor choices because I would have to download some program and I can't do that on my dad's computer. GGRR but you know I love any color purple.