Thursday, July 16, 2009

Answers Anyone?

I was just about to begin a blog on my teary eyed nostalgic mode that I'm in and how I can't beleive my tiny little baby is about to turn one in less than three days when blood curdling screams came blaring out of Madison's room!
I rushed to see what was wrong with my 4 year old and found her standing on her bed, screaming about spiders and trying to brush off what I can only imagine are spiders that she is dreaming about.
I wish I could say this is the only time something like this has ever happened but lately it seems like she is having much more vivid dreams than usual.\
I guess I should start at the beginning. We have been trying to permanantly evict Madison from our bed for some time now but she seems to find her way in every night. SHe goes to sleep in her own bed without any problems but somehow finds her way upstairs EVERY night!

We have tried incentives bribery, discussions, you name it but nothing seems to work. There are mornings where she gets upset saying that she really wants to stay in her own bed but that the really strong fairy picks her up and carries her to our room. Um, okay. This led me to beleive that besides vivid dreams she is also sleep walking. I haven't done any research yet but I beleive it is an inherited trait because lucky for my girls both my father and I used to sleep walk when we were children. Last week my suspicions were confirmed when I heard her crying but realized the crying was coming from under my window in our driveway! That's right people Madison unlocked the front door and walked right outside. I can't even imagine what may have happened if I didn't hear her cry! Needless to say we have since installed latch locks up high until we are able to put some kind of major alarm system in our home (probably the only people more concerned with keeping people in than keeping people out).

I've tried to go through recent events to see what might be triggering these situations but I haven't pin pointed anything yet (not sure if there is something specific). Her diet hasn't changed although I plan to write down what she eats everyday to see if I can find a common theme. We have been much busier this summer than usual with company, parties and swimschool four days a week. Maybe there is a link between her dreams/sleep walking and activity level (this also interferes with her nap schedule). If I had to guess I would say that latter makes more sense but I guess only time, research and help from an expert (if this continues) will help. If anyone has any information or experience with vivid dreams and/or sleep walking your input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When A Four Year Old Goes Wild.....

with her mother's camera you may end up with pictures like this!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

It has been quite awhile since I have done a Not Me Monday! Heck, it has been a long time since I have posted. More to come on what has been going on at a later time and date. As the third week of summer vacation rolls around I've decided to write a Not Me post on all of the inappropriate activities that my two perfect little angls would never do. It is a good thing they don't do these things too 'cause if they did I might be just the slightest bit frazzled and completely sure that I am finished procreating!

  • In a raving lunatic, crazy women tantrum Stella did not throw her LeapFrog drum out of the playpen so hard that I thought she somehow flipped herself out.
  • Madison at 4 1/2 years old does not continue to sneak into our bed every night. This is not acceptable and if it were to ever happen I would most certainly bring her back to her own bed!
  • Stella would never lean over the dog bowl and lap up water as if she were a dog. If she were to do this I would absolutely stop her and never just let keep up the bizarre behavior.
  • Madison does not dig her finger into her belly button and then proudly announce "It smells like cheese! Wanna smell it!". That would be gross!
  • Stella does not throw her food over the side of her high chair just to watch the dog come and eat it.
  • Madison does not climb every tent, awning or other various polls that she finds and then swing from them like a stripper monkey leading people to comment on her unusually natural talent.
  • Stella does not climb every obstacle she comes across and is always satisfied to just chill at ground level.
  • Both girls ALWAYS nap for 3 hours stright at the same time to give me time to clean blog!

Oh yeah I'm so glad my kids are so perfect and do none of these things!