Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where Am I Going to Pee???

First heat wave of the season, only one bathroom, a 3 year old who waits to pee until the last possible second and a very pregnant wife whose bladder can't go more than 25 minutes without being emptied. If you were a husband that wanted a quiet, calm household what wouldn't you begin doing this weekend? If you said gutting a bathroom you are absolutely right!

We've live in our house for 4 1/2 years and have completely gutted (down to studs) every part of the house except for the bathroom. Not that it didn't need it but it was the project that never seemed to get done. Anyway I have been after Justin a lot lately about it and he has constantly put me off until now. Last night he came home with the new tub and decided to start tearing our bathroom apart. It is now 6:30 on a Saturday night and he is outside playing horseshoes and have a few cocktails with some friends instead of at least making the toilet usable. Luckily my parents live next door but overall I'm pretty cranky about the whole situation especially since I'm already stressed about the bridal shower tomorrow.

Ultimately the bathroom is going to look great (as great as the smallest bathroom in the world can look) and I'll be happy to have it done before Stella is born but for now I'm not happy. Did I also mention that my hubby has no actual sense of time? He thinks this whole huge project will be done in 2 weeks. My guess is it'll be done around midnight the night before we go to have Stella. I'll keep you posted but for now here are some pictures.

Pretty? No. Functioning? Yes!

Bathtub circa 1963

and it begins (Justin and my brother Corey)

6:00 Saturday and the bathroom has been abandoned.

What the %^$# am I going to do at 2:00a.m. ? I may be checking into Casa De Mama's tonight.

My dining room may never be the same!

P.S. No, Madison and I haven't been home all day exposed to all the dust and other junk in the air!

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Danielle said...

You gotta love Justin! You do have a tiny loo, but mine are pretty small too. haha Hope you get a place to pee real soon.