Monday, June 30, 2008

One more reason why I love my husband!

Lately life around here has been less than leisurely. Especially for Justin. Besides working a very stressful, 60 hour a week job, he has been starting his own business, remodeling our bathroom and trying to give me a break from Madison whenever humanly possible. Although I have been trying to do more than my share (I even cleaned my SUV for the first and last time this weekend) I'm at a point in my pregnancy where I'm not sleeping at night and I'm tired just about all day (when I let myself realize that I'm tired). Needless to say I'm at the get this kid out of me point and at times not very pleasant (especially to Justin).

A couple of weeks ago Justin had mentioned that his grandparents would like to have my parents, his parents and us over for a little bbq. I thought it was strange because they have a huge bash for Fourth of July which is only a week away but whatever. With the bathroom (and subsequently the house) being in a total state of disarray I told Justin last weekend that we had to cancel the bbq because there was no way we were going to leave the house for a whole day when he could be spending it finishing the bathroom. His response was to say nothing, turn around a walk away. Very odd. It was at this point that I thought maybe something was up so I decided to keep my mouth shut and just go with it.

Turns out Justin got a group of my super close friends together yesterday for what he called a "Ladies Luncheon"! How sweet is that? My gf's told me that he wanted to give me an afternoon to see everyone before the baby was born and to just relax. His grandmother hosted the get together at her house and had a local market put together a super yummy lunch. i had a wonderful time and got some adorable little goodies for the baby to be. I also heard numerous times how Justin needs to give lessons to other hubbies who are less than attentive. Looks like I definitely found a keeper! Thanks babe!


Andrea said...

Aww! yep, you've got a keeper for sure! That is so sweet of him to plan something special for you like this!! answer your question about where a child's legs go when they are rear facing but too tall to stretch their legs out...I've seen a lot of pictures where the child just sits with their legs crossed. Tate's legs are actually too long to be rear facing now too, and he just sits with his knees bent. His legs aren't quite long enough to have them crossed yet, but when they do get that long, I'm sure he'll cross them as well. So, hopefully that answers your question. :)

Dana said...

what a great guy.. Good for you!

don't you hate when life is stressful?

Danielle said...

I was so upset I couldn't go! I totally forgot to ask you how it went. I am glad you had a good time. We really need to get together!!!