Saturday, June 14, 2008

We've Got a Tub. . . Almost!

I've been promised that by later this afternoon I will once again be able to shower in the convenience of my own home! It's amazing how excited one can get after living a week with nothing more than a toilet for a bathroom. At one point you had to practically scale the wall in order to reach the toilet without falling into the crawl space. My dad ended up taking the day off of work yesterday to do the plumbing because Justin has been crazy busy at work this week. Unfortunatley he had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning to do a landscaping job that will probably flow into tomorrow because he has to leave early today in order to go to his sister's sweet sixteen party. Oh well I guess that is the price you pay for trying to start a new buisness while working full time. Hopefully in the long run it will work out. I've been trying to stay calm and for me I've been amazingly patient through all of this (I'm not known for my patience. More of a get it done YESTERDAY kind of girl). Those patience are wearing thin though because I can't stand living in a home that is completely upside down. It took me about 1 1/2 to find a new roll of tp yesterday.

Even though things are taking longer than expected everything seemed to be going smoothly. That was until I walked into Madison's room to get clothes this morning. She has been sleeping in our room this week 'cause we are upstairs and she is downstairs. I have not felt comfortable leaving her downstairs with all the construction stuff. Anyway when I walked into her room this morning I noticed that the wall that her room shares with the bathroom has been damaged during the construction. Nothing too major but enough that some spackle and paint are required. Of course we have every color paint ever used in our house except the one for her room sooooooo I'm off to Lowe's to buy more paint to redo her room. Fun! Fun! Fun!


Danielle said...

I wold die without a bathroom! I hope it is done soon.

Andrea said...

Renovations, huh? I know it drives me NUTS when everything is all over the place and there is renovation dirt everywhere, etc....hopefully it'll all get done soon though!

Dana said...

I hope it all gets finished soon!!