Saturday, May 3, 2008

Real Quick Then I am Out The Door

Good morning! Once again my Mommy/Pregnancy brain has quicked in and I am as forgetful as ever! My driver's license expired April 30th and instead of waiting a month and then going to the DMV like last time I actually headed over yesterday. All morning long as Madison and I were getting ready for a trip out (taking longer and longer everyday!) I kept saying, "Don't forget your six points, don't forget your six points". For those of you who don't live in the lovely Garden State in order to do Anything at the NJ DMV you must have various identification that total up to six points. For example a valid NJ license is worth 1 point, a passport is worth 3 (I think). I drove to the DMV about 20 minutes away and what do you think I forgot? You guessed it! My 6 points of identification. So here I am rushing to get out of the house and to the DMV before it closes at noon.

Anyway I just wanted to let you Momma's-to-Be know about something really cool that I just found. I was checking out the Wendy Bellissammo website to figure out what the name of the set I bought for Baby Stella is when I stumbled upon an announcement section that is on the site. I assumed it was to order some pricey but really cute announcements so even though I am in a rush I of course stopped to check it out. What did I find??? You can make your very own, FREE online announcements to send to your friends!!!!! It was so easy and Soooooooooo cool. There are 4-5 adorable layouts to choose from, you enter in your friends and family's email addresses, type in the birth details, upload up to 10 (yes 10!) pics of the new family member and away you go!!!! Did I mention that it is free???????????? The site is Have fun checking it out. Gotta go.



Danielle said...

At least I am not the only one who does these crazy things! Online announcements- pretty cool- I will have to bookmark the site for any future kiddos- which Eliza won't be getting any siblings unless her sleep habits imporve!

Do you care to share which set you chose for baby Stella's room?

Mommy Mechanics said...

Cute idea, thats so cool that it's free. I'll spread the news to all my prego friends, they'll love it!