Friday, May 23, 2008

My Faith Has Been Restored!

I absolutely LOVE "Grey's Anatomy"! It is the only show that I can ever stay up past 9:00 for. Unfortunately this season I've started to think my obsession may be waining. The thought of Derrick and Meredith breaking up yet again was just getting old. Every week that a new episode aired I would watch it and that complain to my hubby about how lame the show has gotten and if they didn't get together soon I was done with it. Did I ever stop watching? Of course not but I did actually shout at the tv a few times when they would get soooooooo close to reconciling and bungle it up. If you didn't watch last night's episode I won't give away the specifics but I just have to say that enduring what I thought was a so so season was all made worth while last night. The ending was absolutely the best I have ever seen! I was reduced to tears several times during this episode (which is saying a lot 'cause I'm not a crier) and by the end I was nothing more than a blubbering mess! All I have to say is McDreamy better not have some type of tragic accident at the beginning of next season!

If you missed it check out the full episode on ABC's site.


Dana said...

OMG I cried like a baby throughout this whole epispde, LOL.. I was getting upset too that Derek and Meredith weren't getting back together.. I hated Rose... I felt like I slept a lil better now that they are back together(just kidding) I'm just pissed that now we have to wait til September - I was really getting back in to the swing of things!

Danielle said...

I knew Dana would comment on this post! I also through the epsiode rocked. But I could care less about McBoring and Meredith. I LOVE ALEX!!!!!!!