Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not Exactly Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous but....

we got a pool! Can you tell I'm psyched. On our way home from the beach this weekend Madison asked us for a pool. We had intentions of buying a little kiddy pool but when we got to B.J.'s (like Costco) they were out of the $30 one that I had planned on purchasing. Justin being the impulse shopper that he is found a 15 ft x 3 ft pool for a killer deal. Of course we bought it. It will be great to be able to cool off in the privacy of my own backyard instead of going to the beach constantly or to Justin's grandparent's house. We have been considering a much larger scale pool that will last more than a season or two but kept deciding against. Neither one of us really wanted the responsibility of caring for a pool, the constant anxiety of Madison sneaking out on her own and we can't get an in ground pool because the previous owners of our home had one but did not collapse and fill it in properly so it would cost major bucks for us to do it. We still have to care for this bad boy and have put locks that Madison can't reach on all the doors and gates for safety. Even with the locks we are both constantly paranoid but I'm sure everything will be fine. Needless to say we didn't really think this through but I still think we will be happy with our decision in the long run. If I'm babbling I apologize. Madison is running around like a nut with her dad because she is very excited about the "surprise ride" we are taking her on tomorrow. It is actually Sesame Place but just in case something falls through we don't want to tell her yet plus I think her reaction of learning where we are going once we get there will be priceless. Anyway here are a few pics of us setting up the tiny pool!

Dad helping to unfold the pool.

It'll fill up faster if I hold the hose!

I think I can see the bottom through the clear part of my raft!

Oh, I should mention that the pool is actually filled up now and really is 3 feet deep. It just got too late Sunday night for pics by the time it was filled. I'll be sure to take more once it is actually warm enough to go in. I was standing in the puddles at the point when Madison had on her swimmies and was riding the raft trying to smooth out the wrinkles. She swore she wasn't cold but my ankles were actually cramping the way they do when you stick you feet in the ocean for the first time of the season!

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