Saturday, May 17, 2008

Like Watching a Train Wreck

Okay so did anyone see it? Yesterday on the Today Show New Kids on the Block was the guest band! As soon as I heard that they were going to be appearing I immediately told Madison that it was mommy's turn to watch tv and turned the tv to channel 4. Instantly I started thinking to back in the day with my teased up hair, cuffed jeans, wigwams and of course everything NKOTB. Yep, I was one of those kids with the NKOTB sheets, dolls, collector cards, posters. You name it, I had it! Like every other all American girl I also had my favorite and that was bad boy Donnie Wahlberg ( no wonder I think his little bro Mark is hotter than all get out). Other girls might have had a thing for pretty boy Jordan or youngster Joey but for me Donnie was the one. Weren't there two others? Oh yeah that's right Jonathan (or John not sure?) and Danny but I really don't know anyone who was crushing on them.

Anyway enough nostalgia and back to yesterday's concert in the pouring rain. They started out with a montage of their old hits "Please Don't Go Girl", "Hangin' Tough", "Right Stuff" to name a few. Yes these songs were paired up with their synchronized dance moves. I have to admit watching grown men (very near 40) singing the teenie bopper songs and making their moves was nothing less than hilarious! I really could not take any of what I was watching seriously. Several times I even caught myself laughing hysterically out loud after Madison would comment "Mommy that's not funny!". What was even scarier than watching this concert which the boys were taking very seriously (and I use the term boys LOOSELY) was looking at the audience of women mostly in their thirties waving signs, filling up with tears and screaming out how much they love NKOTB! I was waiting for bras and panties to start flying up on stage!

After the concert Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer interviewed the band for a few minutes. It was nice to see that their heads did not seem completely swelled and that they were also really enjoying their renewed fame. Not to mention the crazy cash flow increase. The first ticket sales for their concert in Quebec (I think) sold out in four minutes!

Will I be going to see NKOTB this coming September 23rd at the Izod Arena? Well, probably not because the tickets that I thought went on sale ranging from $36.50 to $74.50 today sold out last Monday! No matter how good or bad of a concert thye put on it is guaranteed to be a good time if you get a couple of your friends to go and a few cocktails in you. If you are interested in buying tickets for their concert here in Ct make sure to check out Ticketmaster today at 10:00 a.m. when tickets go on sale. My only question is who is opening for them Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer?


Danielle said...

I was NEVER really a fan. I had one tape- but that was it. I was a huge Marky Mark Fan. He can give me good vibrations any time!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

haha...that is too funny. I'm sure I would have been laughing along beside you! I never listened to them much when I was younger, but I remember my cousin did and so we oohed and ahhed over them all the time at her house!