Thursday, May 8, 2008

Didn't See That One Coming

This September Justin, Madison and I are all going to be in a friend's wedding. We've told Madison that "Uncle" Dave and "Aunt" Brenna are going to be married and that she'll be in the wedding. The part that she gets is that she'll be able to dress as a princess (Cinderella of course) and carry flowers. I guess teacher mode kicked in this week at the library because I spotted this book called "Uncle Bobby's Wedding" by Sarah S. Brannen and quickly snatched it up thinking it would a good way to try and explain what a wedding is. We could talk about the bride, groom and of course the flower girl!

Anyway yesterday at nap time we laid down and started to read the book. The main character Chloe starts telling how much she loves her Uncle Bobby and is not too happy when he announces he and Jamie are getting married. Her mom explains that Bobby and Jamie love each other very much and would someday like children of their own. That is why they are getting married. So far everything seems like the intro to an averagew wedding. I did however have trouble telling the difference between Jamie and Bobby in the illustrations but they are some type of rodent creature so I thought no big. Turn the page. . . . Chloe begins to like Jamie and is excited that he is going to be her uncle too! Yeah I know that the two little male rodent creatures on the cover with the flower girl should have been my first warning but I wasn't thinking along those lines.

I do have gay and lesbian friends and family so this is not a topic that I have necessarily avoided with Madison. I actually think we are pretty much open with anything with Madison (as much as a three year old can get) BUT I just wanted to teach her about heterosexual marriages. You know the bride, the groom etc.! Anyway the book itself was adorable and if being read purely for entertainment purposes or to introduce the topic of same sex marriages I highly recommend it. It was just something I had not expected!


Dana said...

That is too funny.. I wouldhave been a lil surprised too.. LOL

Danielle said...

Only you Tracy! Oh wait- that would happen to me too. Do they make one on sex change marriages- I might need that for little E eventually.