Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Reveal

Good morning everyone! It is official, I am entering the uncomfortable stage of the pregnancy! For the most part I'm still pretty much okay (yes I still wear heals on a regular basis) but today is a very rare Sunday morning where Justin and Madison are sound asleep. Me? Well, here I am at 5:30 a.m.. Believe me it is not that I'm not tired, I just can't sleep anymore!

Anyway I had my 28 week checkup this week. Baby is doing great and I gained 3 pounds this month! My next checkup is when we'll schedule the c-section. I was guessing July 31st but the mid wife I saw said my doc will probably opt for a c-section the week prior because the baby is measuring large even at this point.

Here are my first official preggo pictures. It is not that I've been opposed to having any taken I'm just usually the one behind the camera! Have a great day.

28 1/2 weeks Dad and I comparing bellies!


Andrea said...

You look awesome!!! And I know what you mean about never getting pictures taken of yourself because you are usually the one taking the pictures...the same thing happens here. :)

Danielle said...

ay! You look great. We need to make plans to get together. We will come down to you guys.

Lori said...

you look great! I totally understand the being on the other side of the camera... for me though it is the preferred side!

I get my c/s date on Tuesday. My dr wanted to do it 2 weeks early, but I'm hoping for only 1 week early... not because I want to stay preggo for an extra week, but because hubby is busy the week before!

hope you get the date you want

Christine said...

You look terrific! I remember those days. It will soon be over.