Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Call Him "Shark Tooth"

Just another exciting Friday night in the H. household! Justin has fallen asleep putting Stella to sleep, Madison just went to bed and after a peaceful shower I've decided to try brushing the dog's teeth for the first time. The dog that I did not want until the girls were a little older. The dog that I swore could only come into this household if it were an adult. the dog that I was promised would NOT be my responsibility if I just let someone bring him home.
Okay time to get off the soap box. Much to my surprise, horror, disgust. I found two rows of top teeth staring at me when I opened Tucker's jaw. He is only six months old so I wiggled a few wondering if maybe some were loose baby teeth. No such luck! I also thought something was up with his lower teeth but have not gotten around to thoroughly inspecting them yet.
I immediately snapped a few shots to share with my bloggy friends. Go figure only one shot of my wiggly puppy with his mouth being pried open with one of my hands while I snapped away with the other came out. Next I googled this freak of nature to try and guestimate how many dollars I can kiss goodbye. I found out that this is not too uncommon especially in smaller dogs. It seems as though the roots of the baby teeth don't completely die off so the teeth don't fall out prior to the adult teeth coming in. They could possibly fall out but many people that were dealing with the same poochy problem were advised by their vets to have the teeth extracted if still there at a year old. On average extractions are about $100 per tooth. I'm pretty sure I counted 6 teeth (4 of which you can see in the pic) so I'm none too happy with this answer.
I'll be calling our vet on Monday 'cause we'll be out of town tomorrow but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone in the blogosphere has ever dealt with this type of dilemma? If so please share with me what you did about it. If you any kind of vet experience or better yet are a vet I'd love to hear from you too.
Toothfully Yours,
Tracy and Tucker aka "Shark Tooth"


Danielle said...

I can't stop laughing. only you

Dana said...

that's so funny.... love the pic - lol

If you could Please stop by my blog - hopefully spreading the word will help!!!