Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Back To Normal

All better baby!

Brothers wrestling

Madison and Brody

Madison and Tucker

I'm very happy to announce that we are getting back to normal here. Whatever that may be! Madison is back to her fun loving, ever on the go self. I swear if you look hard enough you can see the gears turning in her head thinking up what to do next! Stella is much, much better. We never took a trip to the E.R. because after her econd neb. treatment I could definately see an improvement. She still has to use the neb. until Friday than it is check up time at the ped.'s office.

The puppies are home and have been named. Originally ours was Kingston but Madison kept calling him Pig Skin so we opted for Tucker. As long as Stella can pronounce her T's when she gets older we will be good to go! My parents chose Brody which was my first choice for our dog but it's all good! Both dogs are adjustin really well and house breaking is much easier with them than any other dog we have had so far. Hope that doesn't change! Here is a few pics of them for now. I don't really have many of Brody cause we kept them apart for the first couple of days in order to adjust to their new seperate homes. I'm working on a neb picture for Stella but it is not as easy as it sounds. maybe for Wordless Wednesday. Off to bed. Good night all!


Lori said...

glad to hear everyone is feeling more themselves... I'm sure that takes a lot off your plate! cute puppies

Danielle said...

glad to hear Stella is better. The puppies are soo adorable...I can't wait to some and see them. I feel like so much has happened!

Dana said...

YAY!!! glad to see the everyone is doig better.. and love the pups.. too cute!

Andrea said...

I'm glad everyone's starting to feel better! It's so hard when your kids are sick!