Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison and a Contest!

***OOPS!!!**** I meant to post this tomorrow morning but it is late and I'm half asleep. So deal people (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Madison's birthday is tomorrow not today. Good Night I'm outta here!

Happy 4th Birthday Madison! You are getting to be such a big girl! You love to sing, dance, go to gymnastics and help Mommy cook. You are obsessed with all things pink and princess but still have no problem getting your hands dirty helping Daddy outside! You also happen to be the best big sister that any baby or puppy could ever ask for!

Daddy and I love you so very much!

Now on to that contest. We have some special birthday plans in the works for today and also a party for Saturday. This year is the first year Madison gets to pick her own special birthday dinner. So what exactly does a 4 yeaer old choose to have on the menu for this big occasion? Anyone who makes the correct guess will win something. I'm just not sure what yet but don't worry I'll make it good! I will let you know that we will be eating out and also that Madison does love chicken fingers but her palatte extends far beyond the basics. The name of the restaurant is not necessary just the type of food that Madison has picked will do. Check back tomorrow for a birthday follow up and the answer to our big question. Happy guessing!
P.S. Thanks for the tips MckMama! The colors pop sooooooooo more! Imagine what can happen if I actually use this program.


Lori said...

great picture... and Happy Happy Birthday!

I say she picked pasta of some kind

Danielle said...

Sushi? Happy Birthday Madison. I still remember when your mom found out she was going to be a mommy!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! WOw...4 years old already?!

Hmmm...and my guess would be...ice cream. :)

Amy said...

4 years old?! My how time flies!! Happy Birthday Madison!!!

I say she wanted hibachi! LOL :-)

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Madison!!!! Ummmm..... I would have guessed Sushi too.. but i'll guess Hibachi....