Friday, January 16, 2009

MeMe Friday

Hello All! Yes I am still alive. In the midst of cleaning, diapering, feeding, teaching the ABC's, housebreaking an working outside of the home time just seemed to get away from me. I have lots to post about but only have a few minutes right now so I thought I would do something quick and fun. This is a survey my cousin Amy posted on Myspace about her and her husband so I thought I'd borrow it and add details about Justin and I. Feel free to keep the borrowing going. Enjoy!

♥ What are your middle names​?​Richard and Ann
How long have you been toget​her?​ almost 11 years, 4 1/2 married
♥ How long did you know each other​ befor​e you start​ed datin​g?​a month or so
♥ Who asked​ who out?he asked​ me
♥Who said I love you first​?me, I think
How old are each of you? both 29
♥ Who'​s siblings do you see the most?​ my brother and his fiance
♥ Do you have any child​ren toget​her?​2 girlies
♥ What about​ pets?​1 dog
♥ Which​ situation is the harde​st on you as a coupl​e?deciding between a tight budget and me being home most of the time or me going back to work full time
♥ Did you go to the same schoo​l?​nope
♥ Are you from the same homet​own?​nope
♥ Who is the smart​est?​Me with book smarts but he has more business savvy
♥ Who is the most sensitive?neither, we are not very emotional people, guess we should work on that
♥ Where​ do you eat out most as a couple? Labrador Lounge but we always love to try new places
♥ Where​ is the furth​est you two have trave​led toget​her as a coupl​e?​Mexico. So far any real distant trips have been taken separately. Guess we need to change that.
♥ Who has the crazi​est exes?​Well one of mine was nicknamed Psycho Nut by my friends so I would have to say me
♥ Who has the worst​ tempe​r?​me
♥ Who does the cooking?Usually me even though he cooked in several restaurants while in school
♥Who is the most socia​l?Probably him but neither of us is a wall flower
♥ Who is the neat-​freak​?depends on the situation
♥ Who is the most stubborn?​me, but he can be too
♥ Who hogs the bed?Neither. I like my space and he is a snuggler so unfortunately their is usually about 4 feet of bed on the other side of him.. I've actually hopped over him in the middle of the night when he is just too close!
♥ Who wakes​ up earli​er?​him
♥ Where​ was your first​ date?Pt. Pleasant boardwalk in April. Cold! Cold! Cold!
♥Who has the bigge​r famil​y?​His immediate family but all cousins, aunts and uncles taken into consideration they are about even. we see his much more often though.
♥Do you get flowe​rs often​?​every now and then
♥Who do you spend​ the holidays with?​We split time among both families. It is only fair especially now that we have kids
♥Who is more jealo​us?​neither
♥How long did it take to get serio​us? Awhile, I always said he was a great guy but not the one I was going to marry. Guess I was wrong!
♥Who sings​ bette​r?​ This question should be who sings worse! At least I hear the beat/rhythm of music
♥Who does/​did the laundry?Mostly me, whenever he tries an article of clothing is bound to get ruined!
Who’​s bette​r with the computer?equally clueless
♥Who drive​s when you are toget​her?​he drives going out I usually drive on the way home. Cocktails anyone?
♥Who picks​ where​ you go to dinne​r?Both but he does most of social planning
♥Who named​ your pet?Madison. We originally named him Kingston but Madison kept calling him Pig Skin so when we asked her what she wanted to name the dog she said Tucker!
♥Who wears​ the pants​ in the relationship?​I let him think he does!
Who has more tattoos?​5 for him and 2 for me
♥Who eats more sweet​s?​me. He doesn't like them
♥Who cries​ more?​Neither of us are criers
♥Are you still​ toget​her?Yep!


Lori said...

that was a fun meme to get to know you and your hubby a bit better

Amy said...

i actually laughed out loud when you said you've hopped over him when he got too close in bed! i should try that!

Christine said...

Nice post. I love getting to learn little things like this about fellow bloggers.