Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Half a year old! I feel like you just entered this world and at the same time it seems as though you have always been a part of our family!

You are now 26 3/4 inches and weigh 15lbs 15 oz. You love your Jumperoo, Mommy's off key singing, watching your nutty big sister and sweet potatoes!

You have been sleeping through the night for over 3 months, are just about to sit up all by yourself, babble and squeal constantly and just started passing toys between hands.

You are still not a fan of belly time although you tolerate more and more, don't roll over regularly and have yet to cut the teeth that Mommy swore were breaking through two months ago.

We love you so much but can you please stop growing so fast? Just be a baby a little while longer!


Lori said...

happy 6 months Stella!

Danielle said...

whoa...where did the time go? That was quick. She is so adorable. You ready for #3 yet?

Dana said...

Happy 6 months Stella... May how time flies!!!

Andrea said...

Aww! She's as cute as ever...happy 6 months!! Oh...and sleeping through the night for THREE months already? Tell me the secret!! ;)