Thursday, January 1, 2009

Name Those Puppies!

Well it is official I have completely lost my mind! I gave in to Justin and Madison and we are adopting a dog. I knew we would always get another dog after Murphy but I had planned on waiting until Stella was a little older. Two weeks ago I caved in and we have been searching ever since. Originally Justin really wanted another Newfoundland but I convinced him that something about 100 lbs. lighter would probably be better while the girls are so small. So we decided on another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is arriving tomorrow evening via Newark airport! Even crazier is the fact that my parents decided they wanted to adopt his brother so we'll officially have twins in the family. They are 5 months old and have been named Ryan and Dariuz by their shelter. We are not crazy about either name so now we are searchin for some new ones. We have a few names in mind but are not set on anything for sure. I would love to hear any ideas that anyone has and am not opposed to a duo. We would also be up for two names that have something in common like Burton and O'Neil. Sooooooo let those names rip!

Ryan (top)
Dariuz (bottom)


Lori said...

that is hard... it took me a while to find a name that I liked and Abby would respond to.

what about Seth and Thomas or Ethan and Allen

Dana said...

let's see...... i'm going to think about it.....