Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm here! I'm here!

No I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. I'm still here! Life has just seemed to be non stop lately and by the time I get the girls to bed I fall sound asleep very soon after. Okay I'll admit I usually fall asleep while putting one of them down!
Word of advice for anyone who has their own business... Don't let the paperwork pile up until tax time!!!! This is so unlike me but just about every sales slip since Stella was born has been piled high on my desk for 6 1/2 months now. Unfortunately tax time is here and I need to muddle my way through my mess in order to visit the accountant. Every spare minute without the girls has been spent trying to get things in order and tonight I'm finally starting to see the end! Whoo Hoo!!!! Now if only I could find my mileage log for 2008. Did the dog eat it?
Anyway enough about that boring stuff. The girls are great and Stella FINALLY got to experience her first snow last week. She was outside long enough to snap a few pics and then back inside with Mema so Madison and I could have some big girl play time before the snow disappeared as quickly as it came. I love nice weather and I'm totally not complaining for 60 on Sunday, snow on Tuesday and then another 60 Sunday to follow is just plain weird. Gotta love Jersey!

Not too much else going on around here just a sudden overabundance of invites to bridal showers, baby showers, and kiddy birthday parties in what was supposed to be a quiet rest of the winter and early spring. Seriously does anyone else notice that these things come in waves? It has been months since I've had to go to any and then BAM!!!! more than I can count and a few of which occur on the same day. So tough to choose so we just go by the first invite to be received deal. Well I guess that is enough pointless rambling for now so goodnight all!


Lori said...

hope you get some much needed rest soon

Dana said...

nice snow angels!

calley said...

love your blog. i stumbled upon it and started reading...
i saw that you wrote you couldnt find your mileage log. i just wanted to make a situation from working mother to working mother....GET THE MILEAGE LOGGER!
i drive a lot of miles for work and i kept having to estimate my miles because i couldnt ever remember to write them down.
i bought the mileage logger which plugs into your car and tracks your miles through GPS signals. You then go online and see all your trips and can organize them as business, charity, personal, etc. and then file accordingly.
its amazing...i strongly suggest it. the website where i bought one is :

good luck.
ps. your kids are beautiful.