Thursday, October 2, 2008

Swingin' in the Breeze!

... well actually the living room!

I was recently asked to be a part of a program hosted by MomSelect and Fisher Price in which I (Stella) got to test out the new Fisher-Price® My Little Lamb™ Cradle ‘n Swing.

I just have to tell you that it is a huge hit in this house and by far Stella's favorite napping location! The cradle swing has a huge, super plush and cozy papasan seat that can either sit upright or recline for newborns. It also has a toy tray for when Stella is a little older. For now she just loves to lay back and watch the adorable mobile while she gets rocked to sleep. I also love that the swing can be used in three different positions because sometimes what works to calm a baby one day may not work the next! It is always good to be able to change things up a bit.

Anyway thanks so much to MomSelect and Fischer Price for this opportunity. Also if you think you may interested in being a product tester whether or not you have your own blog check out MomSelect to see how you can join their list of mommys!


Danielle said...

cool. I am so snatching all your cool babay stuff the next time around. haha I signed up for that ocne before I think0- but did it again anyway.

Lori said...

that is too cool! looks like she loves it

Dana said...

very cool!

Amy said...

hey i'm so sorry i forgot to RSVP for Stella's baptism! we will def stop by your house, even if it's just for a little bit, i'm dying to meet the new edition to the family! (and i'd call but it's 7:16 am and i don't want to wake any sleeping babies!)