Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bass Fishing in Chile?

Nope they are Trout Fishing in America and this family is hooked! Several months ago while driving to school/work Madison and I were listening Kid Stuff on Sirius and a song called "Alien In My Nose" came on by Trout Fishing in America. It was just about the funniest/grossest song that I had ever heard. It was about a kid who thought there was and alien in his nose and he was going to do whatever it took to save the world from this little green, slimy guy. Any guesses to what the "alien" really was? Yep you got it!

Recently we were lucky enough to receive a copy of their cd Big Round World and we love it. Not only did the three-time Grammy nominee team of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet come up with catchy tunes but the songs are funny while sending a message. Well most of them anyway some of them are just plain fun! My personal favorite is "When You Get Dressed" which if you read my christening post about certain people not knowing how to dress for certain occasions you'd know why that hit home with me! Madison's favorite however was "Curse of the Spinach". Whenever someone comes over she insists that they listen to this song so they can learn why spinach is so yucky.

You can count on us going to see them if they are ever in concert in our area. For now though we'll just keep listening to their cd's or downloaded tunes from their site. Oh and by the way if you purchase cd's directly from Trout Fishing in America they will autograph them free of charge! How cool is that?


Dana said...

pretty cool!!!!

Danielle said...

gross!!!! I was at beckers earlier and they have all those puntamyo or however you spell it CD's.

Andrea said...

Music is always a hit in our house!!! :)