Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving On...or at least trying to!

I've been debating whether or not to post this post for a couple of days now. For the most part I try to keep my blog up beat and fun but I really think like my family has been robbed of a time we can't get back and I think blogging about it may help me to forgive, forget and move on.

So here it goes. Sunday was Stella's christening. We were asked that all of our relatives that would be attending church arrive 1/2 an hour early. I also want to preface by saying that I whole heatedly believe that people can worship God wherever, whenever and dressed however they please. There is a time and a place however where the way that you act and how you dress does matter.

Certain people not only arrived late dressed in jeans, shorts and baseball caps in the sanctuary, they also chose to walk in front of the whole congregation rather than quietly sitting in the back. As if that was not bad enough these same 7 people talked, laughed and carried on during the service!!!!!!! While we were up at the altar having Stella baptized Madison sat by them. Several times Justin and I turned to shush her after we sat down but no one got the hint. Finally Justin turned around and pulled her back to our pew because we did not want her getting the idea that she could act like this in church. She settled right down but the others continued on. Instead of listening to the sermon and taking in the day I was consumed with hoe obnoxious these family members were being. I also believe that their behavior affected the quality of our family photos because instead of being the relaxed happy family we generally are Justin and I were so furious that we posed for a few shots but really just wanted to get home. Hence the reason why we are standing so far apart and completely fake smiling.

I'm really trying to be a better person and let the whole situation blow over. After all it is over a christening so what kind of good Christian example would I be showing my girls if I just let this consume me? I'm just not sure if I have it in me to get over what is yet another example of certain people's ignorance.
One of the better shots. At least my hair looks good!


Lori said...

it does stink big time when the inappropriate choices of others effects special occasions in your life. I had this a few times in my life too... I hope you can put it in the past and look at the joyous reason for the occasion

(and I love your hair cut! did your daughter freak out or is she over that now?

Amy said...

i am so sorry that happened :-( you're hair looks totally hot though!

Dana said...

some people are just so ignorant.... Seriously, some just need to get a clue! It's always something right?

And your hair does look awesome!!!

Danielle said...

you look Fab!!! Call me when you get a chance.