Friday, October 17, 2008

One of My Favorite Things

When I was pregnant with Madison one of my concerns (one of the only ones not really about the baby) was that she would be taking over my home. This was back in the day when we would come home from work and everything was where it had been when we left. It was when the cleaning lady came at some point during the week and did the little cleaning we needed done and we were good for another week. The home where breakables didn't need to be up high!

Part of wanting to keep a little of this meant searching high and low for baby gear that blended well into our home but was still of the best quality for our baby. After searching and searching we opted for more baby friendly gear over what looked good. I'm so excited to say that has changed this time around with Stella! Fisher Price just introduced their new Zen Collection and it is not only gorgeous but baby friendly too! We were lucky enough to be given the Fisher Price Zen Collection high chair and I loooooooooove it! As soon as anyone comes into my home it is the first thing I have to show them. Well not so much show as have them look into the dining room and make them play spot the baby gear. Guess what? It actually takes a moment or two 'cause this baby chair is more like a beautiful piece of furniture than baby gear that screams baby! The earth tone fabrics paired up with the rich wood accents are absolutely beautiful!

Oh and besides being fashionable it is baby friendly. The seat reclines into three positions which is a huge hit hear because Stella is now able to hang at the dinner table instead of in a bouncy seat or swing away from us. To add to your little one's comfort there is also a newborn insert and pillow. It also has easy clean pads which makes clean up a breeze and a dishwasher safe tray to minimize germs! What more can you ask for in a high chair? How about more gear in the same collection? Well if you are one of the mommies that wants everything to match there is also a bassinet, cradle swing and bouncy seat in the Zen Collection. If only I was starting over and needed all new gear. A girl can dream can't she?


Danielle said...

I did notice it the other day and thought it was new,. It is very pretty...very ZEN!

Dana said...