Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Tunes for Kids

We are a music loving family. Problem is the music our sweet little 3 year likes is not exactly what we enjoy. Any sane adult can only listen to "Hot Potato" about a million times before being ready to snap! I'm so excited because I think I found the solution! Putumayo Kids has music from all around the world that is even enjoyable for adults to listen to!

Putumayo Kids most recent release is Sesame Street Playground. It is the first globally distributed Sesame Workshop audio cd! This cd has been a huge hit in our home! Several of the songs that we know in love are in English but there are many tunes in different languages from other countries that have either Sesame Street or a slightly different version of it. It is so much fun to listen to a tune you recognize in a different language. Madison's personal favorite is "Zhima Jie" in Chinese better known to us as "Rubber Duckie".

Some other great new releases from Putumayo Kids are their "Hawaiian Playground" and "African Playground" cd's which both have free downloads for teachers on the website. There are also some interesting educational kits that can be purchased. I'm a huge fan of this because it is not always easy to incorporate music in everyday teaching but Putumayo Kids has already done the hard part!

I really can't say enough about how much I love Putumayo Kids!


Amber said...

Thanks for this info...we've been looking for some new music for Kaelin...we're sick of the current song rotation and have them memorized!!

Danielle said...

we love th CD you got for E! I am onbe of those people who loves kids aongs- I listen to rsffi for fun. haha

Dana said...

this looks like a good one... i should check it out!