Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well here is my third installment of "Not Me Monday". Make sure to check out MckMama at My Charming Kids. Her Not Me's are always the best and she was the brains behind this crazy new obsession of mine!

I did not look at Stella and get a little sad that she is growing so fast and then secretly wish to start trying for #3.

I did not take that wish back when I walked into Madison's bedroom and caught her giving herself blue highlights.

I did not shrug off the highlights and allow my daughter to go to gymnastics with blue streaked hair rather than bathe her immediately.

I did not start to laugh when I squeezed my lemon for my water at a restaurant and it got in Madison's eyes. The scene did not instantly remind me of an episode of Seinfeld rather than my daughter's discomfort.

I did not make the most delicious muffins over the weekend and then count them this morning wondering where the heck most of them had gone. (check out Tasty Tuesday tomorrow for the recipe)

I did not then comfort myself by thinking, "Wow, Justin and my brother must have eaten way more than I thought"

I did not already start next week's Not Me's in order to not forget everything that happens in the course of a week!


Lori said...

blue highlights... what style already!

starting the NNM thread now sounds like a stellar idea... I may have to do that too

Dana said...

these r good ones!!

Mommy Mechanics said...

Those are great! Love the blue highlights how creative lol.