Monday, April 21, 2008

What life with a 3 year old has taught me and Meme Monday

Life with any age child brings about a sorts of twists and turns. Now that Madison is 3 years old every day a little more of her babyhood disappears and is replaced by the little person that she is quickly becoming. Here are just a few things that I have learned from being the Mommy of a three year old little girl.

Piles of Laundry are not for folding they are for running onto, jumping off of or making a "cool bed"

Washing dishes are not a hastle but an excuse to splash in sudsy water

Naptime is made bearable by reading two books before hand

Getting a bath is always fun, it is the hair washing that poses a problem

Light up Cinderella shoes go great with any outfit

No music is needed to dance

A baby in utero hears, eats and drinks through Mommy's bellybutton

Any drink tastes better in a princess cup

Pink is always in fashion

Mommy's kisses make everything better

Ketchup goes with everything from french fries to strawberries and cucumbers too!(as an adult I find this one particularly gross)

I could go on and on with plenty more but these are just a few of my favorites. I also have my Meme posted from New Mommy Rant. Enjoy and feel free to add a few thoughts that you have learned from your child(ren)!

Are you a proud parent? Yes!

how many kids do you have?one and a half

what are the ages? 3years and a new one due this summer

boy(s) or girl(s)?2 girls

how old were you when you had your first child?25

was it planned?Nope she was a HUGE SUPRISE!

do you regret it?not in a million years

who do your kid(s) look like?Madison has my husband's coloring but more of my facial features

When were your kid(s) born? Madison was born January 21, 2005 and Stella will probably be born July 31, 2008

do you plan on having more?Yes- probably

do you have more than one baby daddy/momma?NOPE

do you love your baby daddy/mommaYes

are you still with this person?Yes

are you married to this person?Yes- 4 years next month

is this person a good parent to your kid(s)?The Best!!!

do you live with this person?yes

do you have a happy family?Very Happy

do your kid(s) look like you or the dad/mom? Both

do your kids have proud grandparents? Great Grandparents too

what did you want your kid(s) first words to be?D Madison was Duck now I'ld be happy with occasional quiet time

what was their first words? Duck

is being a parent hard?The hardest job in the world bu tnothing worthwhile is easy

do you put your kid(s) before everything?Absolutely

do you have a job?I am a teacher

is your child in school or grown up? Pre-school

if you plan to have more will it be with a previous baby daddy/momma?

is that person the love of your life?Yes

do you have a momma's boy or a daddy's little girl? momma's girl although she is quickly becoming just as attached to Daddy

are you looking forward to being a grandparent someday?Hopefully not for a long, long time

Baby's Name?Madison Elizabeth and Stella Mackenzie


Birthday?1/21/05 and 7/31/08

Where was he/she born?Community Medical Center

What time were they born?8:19pm

Weight/length at birth?8lbs. 9oz. 20 1/2in

Age as you're typing this survey:29

Are you a paranoid mom...?No, more of a go with the flow mom

Do you sterilize everything (like boil nipples or wash every toy)?Nope

Do you buy "sensitive skin" wipes because they're "better" for baby's skin? when the baby is a newborn

Do you worry that your baby will stop breathing in his/her sleep?past that with Madison but I'm sure I'll do it again with Stella

Will it ever end? You never stop worrying about your kids in one way or another

Do you freak out if they happen to doze off during tummy time? (SIDS!!)Never happened with Madison but if Stella does I'll be right there the whole time so probably not

Do you overdress your baby, whether it's warm or cold?no, lately we've been doind layers because the temp. varies so much throughout the day

Do you wash your baby's clothing in Dreft or other baby detergent?For Madison we used Dreft for the first year there are more options now so I'm not sure what we'll wash Stella's clothes in

Do you refuse to dress baby in anything with buttons (choking hazard)?no

Do you watch (and critique) when someone else changes baby's diaper?nope, just happy to have a break

Did you buy all of their furniture (crib, changing table, stroller) NEW?Yes, will reuse most for Stella

Do you have to wash a pacifier that fell on the floor before giving to baby?yes

Do you worry about anyone else holding your baby?depends on the person

When you leave baby with a sitter, is all you do worry about baby?Yep and Madison is not even a baby anymore

Do you jump out of bed the second baby starts fussing during the night?no.

Do you worry about making baby bleed when clipping his/her fingernails? The first time I clipped Madison's nails

Do you call your pediatrician at least once a week? Nope Never

Do you cancel play dates because your baby has a runny nose & coughed once?yes!

Do you refuse to go shopping without a shopping cart cover?Past that Point

Do you worry about toxoplasmosis? Not really

Is your baby allowed anywhere near your pets? she was when we had our dog

Do you only feed your baby organic baby foods out of fear of preservatives? I did when she was an infant but have become somewhat more leniant
Do you think you are or ever have been a paranoid new mom? Maybe a little at first but not now


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