Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sinfully Delicious

A couple of weeks ago I was out to dinner at a relatively new hot spot called Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ. The couple that my husband and I were out with raved about these Caramel Apples at the Chocolate Factory in the village. They love them so much that after dinner they went and purchased 6 of these tasty treats! I decided not to get one mainly because I was so stuffed from dinner but also because I couldn't imagine an apple being so good that they were not only worth bringing home but worth $7.00 a piece (oh yeah I'm cheap at times!). Of course being nearly 6 months pregnant and developing a major sweet tooth during this pregnancy the apple was all I thought about on the drive home.

It was such a great day out Friday that Madison, my mom and I took the trip to Pier Village for lunch. Once again I found myself stuffed but was wise enough to purchase a little treat for later in the day. I am happy to say it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! After about twenty minutes I decided on the Apple Pie Caramel Apple. It was absolutely huge and needed to be cut in order to eat it. It was a granny smith dipped in caramel, a white confection (don't know that is how it is listed) and then rolled in cinnamon, sugar and pie crust crumbs. Are you salivating yet. I have to admit after 1/2 the apple I had enough because it was way sweet but I hid the rest in the fridge (yep I hid it 'cause I didn't want Justin to eat it on me) and finished it off later on after dinner. If you click on the absolutely incredible picture of all the goodies at the top of the blog you will go directly to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory website. Some of their tasty treats are for sale online. Unfortunately their apples and chocolate dipped strawberries must be bought at the shop. The good news is there is a list of all their locations nationwide (I think I saw some in Canada too). If yo uhave a sweet tooth like me it will be well worth an effort to see if there is a shop near you. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

Ohhh, I do have a sweet tooth, and yeah, my mouth is watering now! ;) Time for me to go see what kinds of sweets I can scrounge up to eat now...maybe ice cream and strawberries will do it... :)

Dana said...

We go to pier village all the time since we are only 10 minutes away..

I try to have great self control and not go into the chocolate shop! (BIG SIGH)

Mommy Mechanics said...

Oh I agree, those apples are sooo good! We have a few rocky mountain shops nearby that I have to try to stay away from.

Lori said...

let me tell you I LOVEEEE Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's apples. Man now I want one too