Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'll get better at this. I promise!

Wow! Where did the past month and a half go? Every day I make sure to check out newmommyrant.blogspot.com but I'm not nearly as diligent about posting on my own blog. I've even commented on my friend's site but nothing added to my own.

Anyway as my about me section mentions, I'm expecting my second daughter this summer. My due date is August 6th but it is looking like she will be a scheduled c-section around July 31. I was really hoping for a Vbac but my docs feel that my lack of progression (only 2 cm after more than a day) and the size of my first daughter (8lbs. 9oz.) the chances of me having a successful labor is very slim and they would feel much better if I opted for another c-section. Although I'm not 100% sold on another c-section, right now it is not on the top of my list for concerns.

My current concern is my weight gain or more so my lack there of. Tomorrow I will officially be 22 weeks pregnant and have yet to gain a pound! During my first pregnancy I gained a more than healthy 38 pounds and never quite lost it all. When I got pregnant this time I already had weight to lose and started off being very cautious with what I ate. Throughout the first trimester I dealt with some morning, noon and night sickness but a ton of food aversions. Besides that I also had 2 rounds of asthmatic bronchitis (no I don't typically have asthma) and 1 case of sinusitis. Needless to say eating was not high up on my list of things to do and I ended up losing 15 pounds. This led to me visiting my ob every 2 weeks and receiving warnings that if I did not stop losing I would find myself in the hospital. Hello, don't you think I wanted to eat????

Fast forward two more months. I've now lost a total of 18 pounds but baby girl #2 is estimated to be a very healthy 1 lb. 2 oz. The weight loss has pretty much stopped and I have been eating everything within arms length for the past week or so. I've become so paranoid about my lack of weight gain that I step on the scale a minimum of 5 times a day. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until my daughter started following in suit and hopping on to "see how big she is" every time she passes the bathroom. This is not at all an issue that I want embedded into my child at any age let alone 3 years old! So I guess my question to anyone who is willing to comment is do you think the number on the scale should matter if the baby and I are both healthy (I'll post some pictures soon but even a blind person can see that I'm pregnant at this point. Okay maybe not a blind person but you know what I mean). I'd also love to hear anyone else's weight gain/loss stories from their pregnancies just so that I know I'm not the only one out there!

Promise to blog again soon,

P.S. I know my site is UGLY at this point. I'll be working on that in the weeks to come too!


30 Minute Mommy said...

Hey! I didn't even know you had a blog! Why didn't you tell me? I am so excited. and my answer is no I don't thik the number on the scale matters as long as you and youe LO are healthy! Hide that scale from Madison.

Dana said...

Good luck with baby #2...

Danielle got me hooked on blogging!!! Now, I;m addicted, grrreat... LOL