Sunday, August 17, 2008


While flipping through a parenting magazine at the doctor's office a few days ago I came across the two peculiar characters that you see to the right. They are Pee and Poo. Some of their aliases are Pee-Pee, Tinkle, Number 1 and Poopy, Ca-Ca or Number Two. According to the parenting magazine I was looking out these little guys are supposed to be fun, adorable potty training buddies for your tikes. I don't know how carrying around a Poo or Pee doll is supposed to help training 'cause I can't think of one lovable characteristic of urine or fecal matter!

Once I had a free minute at home I looked up the company also called Pee and Poo and found out that they are a Swedish Company created by a graphic designer. Not only can you purchase these plush dolls for $40.00 (a little pricey for me!) you can also purchase tees, key chains and underwear with them on it. I can honestly say there is enough poo and pee in my life with two youngsters that I don't need to pay for their trendy counter parts as well! Sorry if you are a fan. I just don't get it!

Oh and thanks to Dana from Just Talk for my award! I pass it on to Amy at Boy, This Girl Can Babble. I think it is your first award so post it proudly! Oh and congrats ;>!!!!


Lori said...

ok that is just too weird for me!!

Danielle said...

ew gross...and why didn't i think of something so stupid that would make money. Anyone up for vomit stuffed animal?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness... I am not jumping on board for that either!! EW!