Monday, August 25, 2008

100 Things About Me!

It is here! My 100th post. So what better way to celebrate then to post 100 facts about me. Let's see if I can think of that many!

1. I was born April 5, 1979
2. I was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey
3. The hospital I was born in no longer exists
4. I have an almost 26 year old brother named Corey
5. I live next door to my parents
6. They still live in the house I grew up in.
7. It has been 10 years since I met Justin
8. I met him my freshman year of college at Fairleigh Dickinson University
9. I always used to tell people he was a great guy but I would never marry him. Good thing I didn't take my own advice!
10. We used to live in Lavallette
11. I would love to live in Lavallette again
12. I started college as a bio pre med major
13. I finally got a degree from Georgian Court College in psychology/elementary ed.
14. I married on 5/26/04
15. We got married at the Moon Palace in Mexico
16. I tried convincing Justin to take my last name instead of me take his 'cause I liked mine better. It didn't work!
17. We bought our house almost 5 years ago with plans of renovating and flipping within a year. We are still here!
18. I want to move desperately to a bigger house.
19. My first car was an '87 Ford Tempo
20. then a '87 Mazda pickup
21. then a '95 Cabrio Convertible (color purple)
22. then an '02 Nissan Sentra
23. then a '03 Volvo S60
24. I loved my Volvo but it got way small with kids and pets so I now have an '06 Dodge Durango
25. I love dogs, not so much with cats.
26. Probably 'cause when I was 4 a cat decided to attach itself to my leg a claw it to pieces
27. I've had 6 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits in my lifetime.
28. My puppy Murphy died this Feb. of cancer at only 15 months old
29. I have no desire to have any more creatures in my home any time soon
30. My first job was as a beach badge checker
31. then a cashier at Shop Rite
32. at my aunt's tanning salon
33. as a receptionist at my dad's oil company
34. as a waitress and trainer at Applebee's
35. as a waitress at a local restaurant
36. Financial services rep. for First Investors
37. 4th & 3rd grade teacher
38. Right now as a compensatory education teacher and Mary Kay consultant
39. If not for my daughters I would go back to teaching full time as soon as possible.
40. Not sure I want to teach forever.
41. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
42. I'm not good at being a domestic goddess
43. Love my kids can't stand the monotony of cleaning the house day in and day out and making meals!
44. I was in a little Miss. New Jersey pageant when I was 4.
45. My feet grew a full size after having my first daughter.
46. I have two daughters Madison Elizabeth and Stella Mackenzie.
47. I'll probably have one more baby but not any time soon.
48. I love, love, love any kind of seafood.
49. I don't like olives
50. or eggs
51. I am just about one of the most uncoordinated people in the world.
52. My grandfather nicknamed me Grace because of my clumsiness!
53. I'm 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Dutch, 1/2 Hispanic (Spanish, Mexican, Honduran and Dominican) and 100% American.
54. I don't mind putting bait on a fishing hook or unhooking a fish.
55. I'm terrified of snakes
56. I love to be organized but never seem to get there.
57. If I can't find it I probably threw it out.
58. I accidentally threw out my first paycheck as a teacher.
59. I dug it out of the garbage, cleaned off the coffee grounds and taped it back together. Amazingly the bank took it!
60. I don't have a favorite color. Depends on my mood.
61. I love to shop.
62. I wish I could open my own children's/Mommy boutique
63. I never leave the house without at least a little makeup on.
64. I prefer to listen to the tv (not watch) than music
65. I'm allergic to kiwi.
66. I'm only at 66 and already having trouble thinking of things.
67. I think people are too concerned with their weddings and forget to concentrate on the impending marriage.
68. I think that people that don't have a lot of cash should spend money on their home instead of a huge, obnoxious wedding.
69. I would much rather be taking my children to Disney World instead of paying for Justin, Madison and I to be in 2 weddings within the next year.
70. Love Target.
71. Loathe WalMart
72. If Justin and I choose to have another baby it is not to "try" for a boy.
73. I think too many people don't take responsibility for their own actions.
74. I love the beach!
75. If I weren't a parent I would love to jump in a shark cage to see them up close and personal
76. I would also skydive
77. I can't dive
78. I can swim very well
79. I have glasses but rarely wear them.
80. I love thunder storms.
81. I love have taken quite a few beading/jewelry lessons
82. I've even gone to Milwaukee to take classes and go to a huge convention there.
83. I love to cook and bake
84. I make an obscene amount of Christmas cookies and give them to everyone I know at Christmas.
85. I can't make coffee to save my life
86. I love shoes
87. and clothes
88. and purses/diaper bags
89. I'm just as comfortable throwing a party for 100 people as I am for 10 people.
90. I love to have people over and no matter what time of the day I will try to feed them.
91. I could eat sushi just about every day of the week
92. I could do the same with pizza
93. I love to read but never get a chance to.
94. I don't enjoy gardening and will never mow the lawn.
95. I purposely mowed over lighting and sprinkle heads in my parents' backyard just to get out of mowing the lawn when I was 15.
96. I love grey's Anatomy
97. I can't stand reality tv
98. I will never, ever, ever go back to Jamaica
99. I'm always cold
100. I'm leaving now to go eat dinner!


Lori said...

I too tried to convince my hubby to take my name... it didn't work either

I love to bake Christmas cookies, but didn't last year and probably won't this year either

Andrea said...

I love thunderstorms too - as long as the power doesn't go out. :) And allergic to kiwi, huh? I'm not allergic, but I hate kiwi's - I think that's because one time I ate about 10 in a row...I have no idea why! Ever since then they have been in my "not favorite" food category.

Meichelle said...

How awesome!!! I cant believe you came up with 100 things! Hey, I have another blog, and I am doing a bunch of kids giveaways, you should check it out!