Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chicken, Lobster or Chameleon?

No I'm not planning tonight's dinner. Although I hope you figured that out at Chameleon. These are just 3 new fun colors from Devine Color. I blogged about them a couple months ago. They not only had some of the most beautiful colors that I had ever seen, they were also 50% animal-cruelty free! Why not 100% you ask? Well there are no standards by which some components of paint are tested and in order to say this paint is 100% animal-cruelty free there would have to be.

Anyway Gretchen from Devine color was so super nice when I contacted her. Just one more reason why I love this company! She sent me three mini-paint pouches to test out in Chicken, Lobster and Chameleon from her new Flaura-Fauna line due out shortly. Each color is so different from one another and yet something I could definately see using in my home office. I'm not up to painting quite yet but when I do I promise to post a poll along with some pics to see which shade you think I should go with.
Gretchen also sent me Devine Colors Handmade Sample Book. This is so AWESOME 'cause instead of those silly little paint cards you get at a paint shop I've actually got a booklet with REAL paint dabbed on the pages that allows me to see what the colors actually look like. Now that I'm out and about again I'm going to be stopping in some local paint shops and showing of this great Handmade Sample Book because as of right now there is no one in NJ that carries Devine Color . I'm determined to change! In the meantime for any of you NJ residents or anyone else that doesn't have a Devine Color dealer nearby you can purchase the paint online.
Hold on! There is more! Gretchen Schauffler is also the author of "Devine Color When Color Sings". Guess What? She sent be two copies of the book too! One for me and yep you guessed it one for me to giveaway!!! This book is so different than most color theory books because it doesn't have all the flashy pictures and color combinations that you usually see in this genre of book. Instead it is mostly in black and white and discusses how to bring color into your home in a way that is meaningful to you instead of what someone else has in mind. How cool is that? I'm sure anyone who wants to make there living space a place of their own with colors that call out to them will truly appreciate this book.

So how do you win? It is easy! Check out Devine Color Collections and then post a comment telling me which color is your favorite. make sure that when you comment you either leave your blog or email address that way if you win I have a way to reach you. This giveaway ends Wednesday, August 13th. The winner has two days to contact me with their mailing address after I have contacted him/her. If they do not contact me I will pick another winner. You must have a U.S. or Canada mailing address in order to enter the giveaway! Good luck to all!

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Dana said...

I must say that I like Devine Risque.. Pretty color!