Thursday, July 17, 2008

You're going where?

One of my closest friends is expecting her first baby. Her due date is August 11th which last time I checked was less than a month away. She looks amazing but is definaltely tired all the time and is dealing with constant backaches and water retention. Duh she's about to give birth!
Throughout her whole pregnancy she has been talking about her family's annual vacation in Cape Cod (about 5-6 hours from where we live). She has also said all along that she plans on going as long as she feels good and her doctor is okay with it. Any of her friends that already have kids just told her she was crazy and that she won't be up to going. Well this weekend she is heading up to Cape Cod with her husband and dog in tow for a week AGAINST her doctor's wishes. Everyone including her husband has tried to talk her out of it but she refuses to miss the chance to spend a week with her parents and sisters (she sees them all on a regular basis anyway).
Whenever she asks what I think I tell her I think she is absolutely insane for going on the trip and that she better take a hospital bag and the baby's car seat with her just in case. Her response is to usually laugh or say that there is no room in the car 'cause her German Shepard takes up the whole back seat. I love her dearly but I do think she is being super selfish and needs to start putting her child ahead of her desires. Maybe that is just something that comes after the baby is acutally here. Please tell me if I'm being too harsh or if what she is doing seems completely fine. I'm not trying to rag on her I'm just really concerned for her health and the baby's and I think she is making a really poor decision. I also forgot to mention that she has not researched the nearest hospital or doctor's office in case one is needed and the fact that she is actually going to miss one of her ob visits for this trip!


Dana said...

I wouldn't go on the vacation because I'm too much of a crazy woman and I would probably have a paniac attack, LOL..BUT..

I know I'm not a Mom yet - but it's not the craziest idea that she wants to go away.. It's not like she's going on a cruise or somehwere out in the middle of the mountains somewhere where she doesn't get cell phone reception!

My good friends sister lives out in Cape Cod and they actually have good hospital care(so she said)! And it's not far!

She's gonna do what she's gonna do ya know! Maybe the baby will come maybe not - I'm sure she has her own maternal instinct about this decision!!

Amy said...

i don't think you're being harsh, i'd have the same reaction! i'm not a mom yet and i can tell you i def wouldn't be going away! we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed she doesn't go into labor while she's up there!

Danielle said...

We discussed already. She's a nutball! They are in for a big surprise.