Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally a chance to catch up!

These past 5 weeks have been such a whirlwind! Between bathroom renovations, getting ready for our annual Fiesta and getting ready for Stella I haven't known which end was up! The bathroom is finally finished so we are no longer living between our home and my parents' next door! There are still a few touch ups and finishing decorations that need to be done but nothing that is necessary at this point.

BEFORE (left)AFTER(right)

Luckily the bathroom was finished just in time 'cause the next day was our Fiesta! Danielle, Eliza and Aly made the trip down. It was so great to see them! Unfortunately I don't get to see Danielle as much as I'd like and Eliza has grown so much since the last time I saw them! Madison was
OBSESSED with Eliza. I was thrilled to see how attentive and loving she was towards a little one but it also makes me think I might be driven crazy once Stella is born! Madison was all about making sure Eliza was happy, holding her hands, touching her face (kept telling her we can't do that but she just couldn't help herself), trying to give her juice, change her diaper.... You name it and Madison wanted to do it. It was really sweet to see but I kept thinking I'll never get a moment of peace once Stella arrives 'cause Madison will be hanging over her every second of every day. Maybe (hopefully) once the novelty wears of Madison will not be as interested in her little sister. Either way I know she'll be a wonderful big sister and I'm pretty sure the jealousy will be at a minimum (fingers crossed).



Danielle said...

The bathroom looks great! It was awesome seeing you guys. I wsih we lived cloer. Sw need to set a date to get together in Aug.

Dana said...

the bathroom does look awesome.. Glad you guys had fun yesterday at your fiesta!!

And you're right - Eliza is the cutest! And so is Madison!