Friday, November 7, 2008

A New DVD From Sesame Street

I am pretty picky about what I allow Madison to watch on television. Often times I opt for a DVD that way I know exactly what she is watching, how long she'll be watching for and that I won't be hearing "Mommy I want that!" because of all the toy commercials on during children's shows. As you can imagine this leads to us watching the same DVDs over and over and over again. This is just one reason why I was so excited to receive the new Sesame Street movie "Abby in Wonderland"!

Abby Cadabby debuted as a Sesame Street puppet in 2006. She is an adorable fairy whose name is a play on the magic word Abracadabra. Her fluffy pink pigtails, fairy wings and magic wand were an instant hit with my fairy and princess loving Madison. This meant that putting our new movie "Abby in Wonderland" into the movie rotation wasn't a hard sell.

In the movie Abby wishes she could have her own fairy tale. She drifts off to sleep and wakes up much like Alice does in the Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". While in Wonderland she goes on all sorts of adventures and runs into some of Sesame Streets beloved classic characters such as Cookie Monster who plays the Cheshire Cookie Cat and Grover as the Mad Hatter. In the end she wakes up and decides that it is okay to not be an adult yet and that she can wait to have her own fairy tale. No Sesame Street movie would be complete without a few new songs for your little one to sing along too and this movie does not disappoint.

To be honest I was never a fan of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" but I can watch this one over and over again. It is a good thing too because I have!