Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making The Pilgrimage.

Nope not to some holy land but to Disney World. Madison is going to be four in a few months and loves, loves, loves all things Disney. I really wanted to go even before having kids and Justin had never been so we've decided that next year's vacation will be a fun filled, magically spectacular week in Disney World.

What I didn't realize was how much goes into the planning of a trip like this. We need to decide whether to go during off or peak season, which of the 27 resorts to stay at, whether or not to get park hopper passes and if we want to go with a meal plan. This is just a few of the descisions that we need to make.

Ultimately we will be booking with a travel agent but before contacting one I would love to get any advice from anyone willing to share. Shared experiences (good, bad or ugly), feelings towards hotels, parks, restaurants. Anything will help. So far this is what I know (and it is not much)
  • We are thinking sometime in May because older kids are in school but the weather is still nice.
  • Staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is not completely, outrageously priced, Madison loves Animals and it has regular restaurants in it (not just fast food)
  • Going for a week. There is a lot to see and I think by going for a week we can take breaks here and there instead of cramming everything into 4 days.
  • Park Hopper just means we can go to more than one park in a day

...and that is about it. Obviously I need lots of help. We are trying to do this trip on a budget too so any money saving tips, tricks or hints would be awesome. Of course if anyone from Disney is reading this post and would like a review done I would not be above this for some extra vacation perks ;>

So hit me with whatever you've got people! Thanks!


Amy said...

*waves* Disney Expert over here!!
1- i've never had the pleasure of staying at Animal Kingdom, but heard its wonderful- plus you get the benefit of doing the Sunrise Safari!
2- get the Park Hopper... worth every extra penny! if you need a afternoon nap break you can go back later in the day and not lose a "day" on your pass
3-if you're flying, go JetBlue- they've been the cheapest around the last few times we've gone down
4- it's always busy there, but May will be beautiful weather
5- buy the Souvenier Cup in the parks- cheap refills throughout the day
6- get the meal plan! saves a ton of money!
7- use the shuttle to the parks- saves parking fees! to park at any park is about $11 a day, possible up to $12 now.
8- at Magic Kingdom- give yourself the whole day. the other parks you can do in half a day
9- if you get a chance- go to SeaWorld! they've changed it so much, it's awesome!
10- go to Downtown Disney, lots of shops and places to eat. Nice area to just walk around too!

i'm sure i'll think of more and make another post later!!!

Lori said...

May is a pretty good month weather wise down here.

getting the park hopper pass will make life easier in my opinion then you can come and go as you want.

if you have certain restaurants you want to eat at make reservations ahead of time or you may not get in

be sure to do a character breakfast (and make reservations to go)

if you book now they are running a buy 4 get 3 free special-- check out the website

Dana said...

I am a HUGE disney fan - I have been 10 times and know all of the ins and outs... If you want email me or just get my number from Danielle and I can give you the low down!! it would be my pleasure!! Also, maybe over xmas break we can do that make-up thing you wanted to do!! the end of the summer got crazy with school.. let me know

Danielle said...

ooooh I am so jealous! i just saw that by 4 get three in the paper. Crazy! Disney is awesome.