Thursday, September 4, 2008

Making Babywearing Look Good

For those of you that have read my blog before you probably already know that I'm new to the world of babywearing. It was nowhere near as popular 3 short years ago when I had Madison compared to what it has become now. Like many others before me I can not get enough! Besides wanting to get my hands on every type of babywearing device on the market I've also started to become obsessed with all the different colors and prints available. After all I want to look good while wearing my baby 'cause just being practical is never enough! That is why I flipped when I discovered Rockin' Baby Sling. They were so gracious to send me a Rockin' Baby Pouch in "West End Girls". Besides looking good and being reversible for more fashion versatility it is super comfy and adjustable too! It has a series of zippers in the back that allow the pouch to vary depending on a person's size plus a cover for over top of the zippers to keep them hidden away! How cool is that? Rockin' Baby Slings also offers a ring sling in a ton of great color/pattern choices. Everyone is bound to find at least one that they love.

For novices like me there are directions for all of the different carrying positions right on the website! This was a huge benefit since my 3 year old decided to make confetti out of the instruction booklet! In the pictures below I am holding baby Stella in the cradle hold which is meant for newborns-6 months old and Madison in the hip carry meant for 6 months-35 pounds. For me personally I enjoy wearing Stella in a wrap because she is still so tiny but can definitely see using the pouch more as she grows. I loved the hip carry with Madison and can definitely see carrying Stella frequently like this in the months to come. Although Madison fits within the weight limit her long, lanky legs made me decide she may be past the wearing stage. She still had fun hamming it up for the pics! There are still three more carrying positions for me to test out and I can't wait to try them! Thanks so much Rockin' Baby Sling!
Stella in the Cradle Hold

Madison in the Hip Carry


Dana said...

i love their brands of slings.... so comfy and some are very stylish!!

Momma On The Go said...

BTW it is laundry day so please to mind the horrible clothing that makes me look GI-HUGEANT (my own word)!

Andrea said...

You look awesome wearing your babies like that! Way to go, and welcome to the babywearing world...but is totally addicting! haha. :)

Danielle said...

ou don't look Gi-Hugeant! I heard you say that the other day. I always go with Ginormous personally. You look beautiful as alwasy. great pics and watch out- babywearing is addicitve. I want to start a New Jersey Slingers baby wearing group.