Friday, September 5, 2008

The Cost of Friendship

Engagement Party Gift: $75
Bridal Shower: $300
Bridal Shower Invitations: $50
Shower Gift: $100
Bridesmaid Dress: $250
Shoes: $50
Alterations: $130
Flower Girl Dress $170
Shoes: $40
Alterations: $50
Best Man Tux: $120
and shoe rental
Bachelor Party $400
Hair for bridesmaid and flower girl: $150
Two night Hotel Stay $300
Wedding Gift: Undecided

Did I forget anything?????

The bride and groom not even bothering to come and see our now 7 week old daughter or bothering to send a card or call or email...... Priceless!!!!!!!
Sorry just pissy 'cause I just finished booking our hotel room and spending more money on the f'ing wedding that I don't want to be in. Could have taken Madison to Disney World for what we have spent. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Oh I take back the no email. I got one from the bride that she was meeting with a jewelry consultant from Macy's Herald Square about the bridal party's jewelry. She must be smoking crack if she thinks I'm spending more on stuff I'll never wear again. Did I also mention that her last marriage lasted for 3 weeks????? If not for the fact that the hubs has been friends with the groom since he was 8 years old I would have told her where to stick her wedding plans by now.


Lori said...

I say you got them a gift already... your presence at the wedding (0:

Adventures In Babywearing said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is crazy. It sounds like all they are thinking about is themselves and unfortunately not about your newest arrival. I am so sorry about that for you. You deserve better!


Amy said...

hooolllly shit. pardon my french, but that is insane! i am in disbelief, that bride sucks.

Danielle said...

I was waiting for this post! haha They are insane.

Stephanie said...

That is NUTS. I am planning our wedding now and would NEVER and haven't asked anyone to do those kind of things. We are having ZERO attendants because we want everyone to just have a good time. After all he and I are the ones getting married. GEEZ....she needs a reality check. HOW RUDE.... Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL. I love the sleepy baby picture.