Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interview update....

My big interview was yesterday and I thin kit went really well!!!! As you can imagine I did not sleep at all the night before. I kept running Gasp...have a really frizzy, gross hair day!

The drive out took FOREVER! The school I interviewed at is roughly 45 miles from my house. Unfortunately it is by highway and not parkway so local traffic can get a little hairy. The trip took 1 hour and 20 minutes. Luckily I gave myself an additional 20 minutes to what I thought would be an hour drive. I made it just in time. Typically I like to have a few extra minutes to gather myself but at least I wasn't late!

The principal of the school was super friendly. He and the principal of the township's other elementary school interviewed me. I wasn't told if this was def. for a kindergarten position or if there were multiple positions so we'll see about that.

I wore a new suit that I picked up for a screamin' deal ($197 down to $38, AWESOME!) and I must have looked pretty darn good 'cause the female principal apologized for not dressing appropriately. Her school was having field day yesterday so she had on a sleeveless blouse instead of a suit. When does a principal ever apologize to a person that they are interviewing????

The questions they asked were typical. How do I collaborate with other teachers? How will I include parents in my classroom? How do I differentiate instruction? What is my classroom management philosophy?

Next came the lesson plan. This was the part that I had been stressing most. I didn't have to teach it just present it. I handed each principal a copy and as soon as I started to run through my anticipatory set the male principal said, "Wow! You nailed it. This is exactly what I was looking for". Seriously people I think the clouds parted and somewhere in the distance an angel two started singing "Alleluia"! I was ready to jump out of my seat and hug him but I thought better of that!

The female principal commented on how much she loved that I had included lesson variations for struggling and gifted students. This is a part that I had contemplated taking out but thought more information is better than not enough. Obviously it was a good thing that I left it in.
Before parting ways the male principal explained that I wouldn't hear anything this week because interviews were on going. He said that from those interviewed a select few would make it to the second tier of interviews. This will most likely be done next week because he wants the new teacher voted in by the board of education my 6/24. I could take this info two different ways.
  • He tells everyone
  • He told me because he is interested

I'm an optimist so I am going with the second reason!

My only concern was that the interview was only 20 minutes long. As a rule of thumb if an interview goes for less than 1/2 an hour you tanked but I have a felling it was because I was the first of a very long day of interviews and he didn't want to fall behind.

So now it is just a wait and see. If offered the position I will def. take it and try to find a quicker route to school but in the meantime I'm hoping a more local school gives me a call!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

well I hope they call you back for a 2nd interview!

Danielle said...

It sounds to me like it went well...I think if it went longer they would have been looking for more info...and maybe you gave them what they wanted without them asking! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a second interview.